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Shopping List - with 2014 updates

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ItemQuantityCommentsInventoryWho?Sort Seq
Corn 30 Dozen Paid 6$/dozen N/A James S. 010 
Butter 4 lbs Buy salted, not unsalted  Janice R 011 
Salt & Pepper   Have these from last year Janice R 012 
Hot Dogs & Buns 25 Dozen Sometimes fewer buns than weiners is useful as not eveyone takes a bun. ; Whole wheat popular as well. N/A Jason C. 015 
Condiments  Ketchup, Relish, Mustard 1X500ml Mustard, 2X500ml Reslish Janice R 017 
Onions, chopped    Gaby O. 018 
Coffee cups 200 Try to find paper cups in a size that is not too big - Costco cups are big  Janice R 099 
Coffee 2 large cans Fine grind for percolator  Janice R. 100 
Sugar for Coffee  Someone can donate  Janice R 101 
Cream for coffee 2 litres   Janice R 102 
Milk for coffee 1 litre Get 2%  Janice R 103 
Stir Sticks  Use from last year Lots - don't purchase more Janice R. 104 
Hot Chocolate  Only if the weather is cold   105 
Tea bags  See if someone can donate - not many are used. Additional hot water will be needed, use a small percolator  Janice R. 106 
Ice  For coolers/drinks/hotdogs. Donated by MacDonalds on Merivale.  Rod V 140 
Drinks - Pop 12 cases of 12   Jason 150 
Drinks - Iced tea    Jason 155 
Drinks - Juice    Jason 160 
Drinks - Water 1 case of 24 Might need more if weather is extremely hot. about 18 bottles from last year - Janice  170 
Chips See comment Assorted (3 cases of 42, the 42g size) - about 15$ each case  Jason 200 
Plates - dinner size, paper 300 Must be paper so they can be burned in the fire afterwards Janice Janice 500 
Plates - dessert size, paper 300 Must be paper so they can be burned in the fire afterwards Janice Janice 505 
Forks - plastic  For the desserts - use from last year Janice Janice 507 
Napkins 1000  Janice  520 
Table cloths 10 Purchase roll from Party Packagers; Purple roll available  Janice 600 
Showing 25 items