Merivale Gardens Community Association

Board of Executives

Roles and Responsibilities



Þ    Liaison with other Community Associations

Þ    Assigns/delegates duties where appropriate

Þ    Attends local community meetings

Þ    Attends city hall/special issue meetings

Þ    Circulates correspondance, reports etc.

Þ    Calls meetings; annual, exec, special issue

Þ    Has signing authority for writing cheques

Þ    Holds past file history at their home, or knows location of storage




Þ    Stand in for president
Þ    Support duties of president when and as required



Þ    Attend meetings to take notes

Þ    Post minutes after meetings

Þ    Manage correspondance from

Þ    Make photocopies as required (newsletters)

Þ    Provide content for message board at bus stop




Þ    Maintains annual treasurer's file

Þ    Ensures and organizes receipts (by year)

Þ    Issues and delivers cheques as required

Þ    Makes deposits as required

Þ    Verifies and files bank statements

Þ    Provides treasurers report at AGM and submits for publication on the web site

Þ    Has signing authority for writing cheques

Þ    Holds history of treasurers files at their home



Environmental Representative

Þ    Attend Coalition for Healthy Ottawa meetings

Þ    Provide feedback to our community

Þ    Assist with matters affecting our well water (eg. salt, pesticides)
Parks and Recreation

Þ    Originate communication on issues regarding local green belt and park

Þ    Organize (or delegate) clean-up day in May

Þ    Make arrangements for park permit and fire permit for weekend of Corn Roast

Þ    Ensures city stays on top of maintenance, e.g. painting, basketball hoops

Þ    Skating rink issues, ball park issues…



Membership Drive Coordinator

Þ    Determine method of collection, eg. Team, street reps, etc.

Þ    Delegate collections by street

Þ    Maintain community list (names, phone numbers, people count)

Þ    Collect and balance each



Garage Sale Coordinator

Þ    Coordinates date, possibly with other Glens communities

Þ    ensures local signs are up1-2 weeks in advance

Þ    prepares advertising for local papers as agreed upon by CA


Corn Roast Organizer

Þ    Park permit & fire permit well in advance

Þ    Arrangements for entertainment

Þ    Arrangements for picnic tables, waste and recycle bins

Þ    Arrangements for food & beverage items

Þ    Arrangements for corn

Þ    Arrangements for activities



Garden Spreader Editor

Þ    Issue invitation to submit items for newsletter

Þ    Prepare newsletter

Þ    Work with secretary to issue



Technical Resource

Þ    Maintain community e-mail list
Þ    Maintain web site