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Drop-in June 26, 2018

Please come and join us at our drop-in on Tuesday, June 26. Chat together with your many friends and neighbours, share your stories and experiences and learn a bit more about each other. Everyone is welcome! 

As you are likely aware, the ongoing war in Syria has led to an extraordinary number of refugees desperately seeking a safe place to live. Many Canadians have joined together to meet that need. On June 26th , you will learn of the unique experiences of one local family who have provided a safe place in their own home for four young men who are refugees from Syria. Your neighbours, Richard and Masako Lovatt, will share with you their experiences of shepherding their young charges on their journey from Syria through Lebanon (where they spent a few years), to living in a Canadian home and then towards living fulfilling independent lives in Canadian society. 

Location: 38 Vaan Drive 
Time: 9:30 to 11:00 
Date: Tuesday, June 26th . 

Maureen and Jerry Fiori