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Drop-in March 27, 2018

Merivale Gardens Drop In - March 27, 2018
Ah, spring is in the air! Warm weather, vanishing snow, and …………. chores that will soon need to be done. These include spring cleaning, lawn dethatching, window washing, deck maintenance as well as driveway repaving and even roof replacement. Would you like to know of good reputable contractors who could do any of these chores at a good price? Are you interested in being part of group discounts?  If you have used contractors for any of your chores, please come with a list of names and phone numbers and share your experiences with us. We would all give you a very big thank you. Names of residents from the community, including students, willing to do any of these chores would also be greatly appreciated.
Lively discussions at last month’s Drop-In led to several suggestions for improvement to Merivale Gardens including finding ways to staying more connected with each other in the community and making our streets more walkable in the winter.  Please join us at our next Drop-in on March 27th (fourth Tuesday of each month) Chat together over a cup of coffee or tea. Reconnect and discover new friends amongst your many neighbours. And, come home with names of contractors who can make your lives a just little bit easier.
Note: New location for this month’s event
 Location:       77 Arco Way (corner of Vaan Drive – home of Carol Dixon)
Time:              9:30 to 11:00
Date:               Tuesday, March 27th.
Maureen and Jerry Fiori maureen26.fiori@gmail.com
Carol and John Dixon carol.v.dixon@gmail.com