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Drop-in May 22, 2018

Do you remember ……….. the time when the sand from the dunes blew in through the windows before the trees were planted; or how, during the great Ice Storm of 1998, a portable generator was passed among those of your neighbours who needed to get their sump pumps going; or, the time when…………………??? (insert your own special memories) 

Do you know who Ron and Gail were? (i.e. Rongail Street) Or for that matter, was Vaan Drive named after a person with that name? Are you are a relative newcomer, like me, and would just love to hear stories from Merivale Garden’s past and even from the not so distant past? 

Please come to our next Drop-in (fourth Tuesday of each month), share your memories and enjoy hearing the stories that are told. Chat together with your friends and neighbours over a cup of coffee or tea. Reconnect with old friends and discover new ones. 

Location: 77 Arco Way (Carol Dixon’s home) 
Time: 9:30 to 11:00 
Date: Tuesday, May 22nd. 

Carol and John Dixon 613-228-2805 carol.v.dixon@gmail.com 
Maureen and Jerry Fiori 613-820-0176 maureen26.fiori@gmail.com