Local Park Improvement Plan 
Our MGCA Parks and Recreation representative, Gwynn Norman, is very pleased to inform our community that our park structures are going to be replaced this coming June.
The old wooden structure near Rongail is going to be replaced under the city's lifecycle program. We have been on the list for about five years, so it's great to finally have a date for the renewal of this structure.  View the plans for the replacement play structure here.
The smaller structure will be replaced with money the community has been raising for the past few years, to date this amount is  $ 3,692 (see details on this below).  This money will be applied to the city's community partnership program, which matches the funds we have raised.  We are still hoping to increase this amount via donations, so that the funds can be matched by the city.  HELP US REACH OUR GOAL OF $7,500 by dropping your donation off at 41 Arco Way or 2 Bie St.  An official receipt will be issued by the Ciy of Ottawa for amounts over ten dollars.
The layout of the park will be a little different from what it has been, since the toddler and school-age structure locations are going to be switched. The larger structure will be placed where the toddler structure currently is, to give it more space. The toddler structure and individual toys will be moved up to where the larger structure currently is.


Park Improvement Fundraising:
                    2011             $ 1,015 = Donations
                    2010             $ 1,007 = 464 (Dinner) + 544 (Raffle)
                    2009             $ 1,427 = 754 (Dinner) + 673 (Auction)
                    2008             $    242                                                 
Raised to Date:               $ 3,692