Phone Numbers and Guidelines for Police Reports

Merivale Gardens is committed to keeping our neighbourhood safe.  We desire to report all incidences of mischief, vandalism and crime, in an effort to raise the level of police service in our community as needed.  If the police are made aware of every incident, then an increase in reports will result in our neighbourhood receiving a higher priority for patrolling.

There are four different numbers you can contact:

  • If you witness a theft or other crime in progress, phone 911
  • If you see suspicious activity or a suspicious person, phone 613-230-6211
  • If you wish to make a report after the fact (non-witnessed theft, property damage, missing person or stolen vehicle) contact the call centre at 613-236-1222 ext 7300
  • If you have a general community concern, feel free to contact your community police officer, Constable Karin Montague, who has regular office hours in the ward: 613-236-1222 ext. 2179. She represents the Tanglewood, Manordale, Craig Henry, Merivale Gardens and Trent Arlington communities.

    In October of 2011, Councillor Egli sat down with the community police officers of Ward 9 to discuss ward-wide policing issues. Below is a summary of the meeting, as provided by Sheen Bolton of Councillor Egli's office.

    One common concern is a small rash of vehicle break-ins

    During the meeting the Constables explained most of the break-ins are done by youth who are looking for an easy steal. More often than not, they will walk around neighbourhoods looking for unlocked vehicles with valuables in sight. It’s rare for a thief to break a vehicle window, especially if no valuables are in sight. The Ottawa Police Services makes the following recommends for residents:

    1. Always lock your vehicles and make sure your windows are closed.

    2. Do not keep valuables, such laptops, GPS units and iPods, in plain sight. Take them with you or hide them throughout the vehicle.

    3. Do not leave change in view, for example in your cup holder. 

    Another common concern is suspicious-looking people, and people in parks after-hours. The Constables explained that it’s very important for the community to call in when they see suspicious activity. The Ottawa Police Services is number driven, so the higher the number of calls with concerns by residents in an area, the higher priority the area is given in terms of patrolling.

    The Constables have reminded us that all City of Ottawa parks are closed as of 11 p.m.  If you see a person enter a park after 11 p.m., then call and report the incident.

    Remember that you do not have to leave your name if you don't want to, you can request to be anonymous.  You can also request that a police office does not follow up with you at your door.

Updated Oct.7/2011